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Welcome from STEP Worldwide

Mark Walley, CEO of STEP Worldwide Simon Morgan TEP, Chair of STEP Worldwide

Congress Introduction

Tony Pitcher TEP, Chair of Programme

Opening Keynote Address

Mr. Justice Frank Clarke, Chief Justice of Ireland

Mainstage Session 1: Government approaches to digital money

Moderator: Oisin Lunny, Event MC, Professor, Writer, Ireland/Spain Declan O'Reilly, Chief State Solicitors Office, Ireland Leigh Sagar TEP, New Square Chambers, UK

What is money?

  • The changing perspective of the nature of money

The disruption of private investment and monetary governance: the impact of crypto assets on the world

  • Will digital money be controlled by governments? Will it be blockchain- or credit-based? How will smart contracts affect the way that companies are formed and governed?

Cryptoassets and the practice of the future private client practitioner

  • What are the features of crypto assets that will affect the way that private client professionals carry on their work in the future?

Keynote Address 2: What does wealth mean to you?

Michael Liersch, J.P.Morgan, USA

Michael Liersch, Ph.D., J.P. Morgan’s resident behavioral scientist, will take us through how the mind works when it comes to money, and the trends in money behaviors he is seeing around the globe. Based on data, Michael will provide tips on aligning wealth intentions with behaviors so that families can make better money decisions. He will also address how architecting a family culture that supports wealth strategies is a key driver in ensuring that desired outcomes are met.


Networking and refreshments


Mainstage Session 2: Changing views on wealth and global mobility of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs)

Moderator: Nicola Saccardo TEP, Maisto e Associati, Italy Leonardo Braune TEP, Intercorp Group, UK Line-Alexa Glotin, UGGC & Associes, France Jennifer Lai, Henley & Partners, Hong Kong

There has been an acceleration in the global mobility of HNWIs. This session will look at issues including trends in global mobility, tax competition between states and discuss how governments can keep their taxpayers while maintaining Aristotle’s principle (i.e. “it is fair that one who possesses much should pay a lot in taxes while one who has little should pay little).


Mainstage Session 3: Regulation and reality: will there be a transparency dividend?

Professor Jason Sharman, University of Cambridge, UK

We have had a massive step-change in the amount of financial information being exchanged, primarily, but not limited to, tax. However it is much less clear what difference this has made, apart from increasing business costs. This session will examine the impact that regulation has made already in the fight against tax evasion, money laundering and corruption, and will go on to review the prognosis.


Networking lunch


Specialist session option 1: The cross-border advisor: globalisation, populism and backlash

Moderator: Andrew Godfrey TEP, Russell-Cooke Solicitors, UK Johan Hartmann Stæger TEP, BFA Law, Denmark Margaret O’Sullivan TEP, O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP, Canada

Kindly sponsored by BDO
Increasing cultural diversity, generational change and mobility are disruptive forces, which require all advisers to “up their game” and develop a better understanding of the needs of private clients with connections to multiple jurisdictions. The session will explore the technical, ethical, practical and indeed moral challenges, risks and dilemmas, which the cross-border adviser must navigate in a time of increasing economic inequality and perceived unfairness in the burden of taxation.


Specialist session option 2: underfunded and unrepresented litigants

Moderator: Daniel J. Dochylo TEP, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Canada Richard Dew TEP, 10 Old Square, UK Christen Douglas, McDermott Will & Emery LLP, USA Dr. Johannes Gasser TEP, Gasser Partner Rechtsanwälte, Liechtenstein

Courts do not necessarily provide for equal access to justice. Not everyone can obtain representation and ready payment or indemnity of fees. The better-funded seem to have the advantage in pursuing entitlements. Others may resort to means which disrupt cases in their efforts to prevail.


  • systemic reasons?
  • levelling the field?
  • combatting disruptive tactics?
  • decision-makers' and counsel's reactions?
  • the future?


  • unconventional funding
  • email and social media campaigns
  • ethics
  • misconduct / bias allegations

Change rooms for next specialist sessions


Specialist sessions repeated – options as listed above


Networking and refreshments


Mainstage Session 4: Intergenerational wealth helping generation wealth?

Moderator: Ciara Murphy, The Bar of Ireland Morven McMillan TEP, Maples and Calder, Cayman Islands Sean Tai, Founder Debtdomain and VC, UK

Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z.  As our clients age, how do we, as practitioners, adapt to their needs and desires. We will review wealth from new industries (e.g. gaming, social media) in which under 20’s are thriving. How will they approach their estate planning needs? What, if any, are their responsibility to their parents and other family members? Will we help them develop legacies? Our speakers will discuss.


Keynote Address 3: Choosing our relationship with money

Diana Chambers, The Chambers Group Sàrl, Switzerland

Each of us has a relationship with money though it typically remains largely unexplored. How we earn, spend, save, invest and gift makes complete sense to us given our lives and experiences, though our practices do not always serve us well. Diana Chambers will highlight some of the money messages and belief systems that shape human behaviour, so we – and our clients – may make new and conscious choices. 


Closing address

Ian Huddleston TEP, Programme Panel; Board Member, STEP Worldwide

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6:30 Social

Drinks reception and dinner

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Specialist session option 3: Ireland as a private client destination and market trends

Moderator: Tina Quealy TEP, O’Connell Brennan Solicitors, Ireland Joseph A. Field TEP, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, USA Aileen Keogan TEP, Aileen Keogan Solicitor & Tax Consultant, Ireland Jim Power, Jim Power Economics, Ireland

Kindly sponsored by Currencies Direct

  • An overview of Irish tax and trusts (private client)
  • An international view of Ireland
  • Market trends