Tony Pitcher TEP Interview

We spoke to Tony Pitcher TEP, Chair of the Congress Panel, to ask his thoughts on what delegates should expect from Congress. Here is what he said:

1. What is STEP’s Global Congress?

Global Congress is STEP’s flagship thought-leadership event where we showcase the best forward-thinking speakers and ideas.

2. How does Congress differ from other STEP events?

This event brings together a truly global set of keynote speakers and panellists focusing less on technical topics and more on themes that are affecting or are likely to affect advisors and their clients.

3. Who should attend Congress and why?

Anyone interested in furthering their ability to give forward-looking holistic advice and anyone looking to hear thought-provoking commentary on the future direction of our industry.  Essentially this is your opportunity to gain an insight to the future direction of our work and to reflect on how best to position yourself to take advantage of the disruption that our fast-changing world will generate.

4. What role does the Chair of the Panel play?

In the early stages, it was my responsibility to help select the panellists to ensure that we had input covering as many areas of the world as possible. It was also my responsibility to help frame the overall theme of the Congress and the pillars on which we would build the detailed content. 

As we developed the detailed topics to support the overall theme, I was responsible for ensuring that those topics were congruent with that theme. I worked alongside the other panellists and the secretariat to build the detailed programme.

5. Who else was on the panel?

We had a panel that represented the wide geographical coverage of STEP. The panel members included Ian Huddleston, Kathleen Cunningham, Roland Jones, Grainne Duggan, Tina Quealy, Rod Luker, Edward Reed, Michael Olesnicky and Nicola Saccardo. My thanks to them all for their input into our exciting and thought-provoking agenda.  

6. What was the panel’s remit when putting the agenda together?

We were principally concerned to find topics and speakers that delivered on the overall themes we had agreed upon.  With that overriding objective in mind, we then sought to find a balanced set of presenters that would deliver on these objectives. 

7. What does the Congress 2020 tagline, 'Thought leadership for tomorrow’s world' mean to you?

I think that tag line really encapsulates everything that we set out to do.  It explains in a very few words what we hope to deliver and what participants can expect to hear and participate in.

8. What will be the key themes of Congress 2020?

Given the world that we face today, inequality is an inescapable topic as it is driving a number of legislative and social changes around the world. How to face the disruption that is both the cause and effect of such inequality, and how we steer STEP through such times, became our themes. Underneath those, we looked at having four topics that we would use to explore such changes, which we identified as being generational; wealth; technology; and resources. These have therefore influenced the sessions that will be on at Congress in 2020.

9. What would you like to see happen after Congress?

I am really hoping that delegates will come away feeling enriched and better able to think strategically about what they need to do to help their clients in the future.

Thank you Tony!